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Nature is the best way to connect with your creator and it gives peace to your soul. I was born and brought up in a big city of Karachi. For us, meeting nature was mostly holidays to northern and other scenic parts of Pakistan. My father taught me that healthy environment is a necessity of every human being. Practical demonstration was dedicating a floor in our house solely for trees and birds. In addition, he used to take us to parks and seashores over weekend to stay close with the nature and maintain a balanced healthy life style.

A strong message one can learn from nature is that nothing lasts forever. Seasons come and go and there is a lesson to learn from each phase of it's cycle. Lands which are widespread, easy to get lost on way but always takes us to awe-inspiring sceneries. Rain leaving clouds empty but providing the land with water to keep life. Snow blankets the ground to provide a layer of insulation as very low temperatures can freeze the soil deeper. Active, dormant and extinct volcanoes to provide nutrients to the surrounding soil. Hot and dry deserts making us sweat during the day time and in return offering absolute chilled nights with a brilliant view of stars. Plunging waters yet hitting rocks again with big bang and instantly turning into a quiet stream and list goes on and on.

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